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Founded in 1996, Ak Gıda with a daily milk processing capacity of 3,500 tons has the largest milk processing facility in Turkey and its neighboring countries.

In the Ak Gıda factories, which have the capacity to produce 35 tons of ketchup and mayonnaise in addition to milk; plain, flavored and special long life UHT milk in tetrapack packages, ready to eat puddings, desserts, cheese varieties, kefir, kids products (like fresh cheese, milk and kefir), long life sterilized milk in HDPE bottles, Kalbim Benecol milk and beverages with milk, homogenized and creamy yogurt, fruit yogurts, ready powdered drinks, powdered puddings, powdered whipped cream, mayonnaise and industrial purpose powdered milk are produced.

Ak Gıda continues production in the Pamukova facility established in 1997, the Karaman facility established in 2007, the Lüleburgaz facility established in 2009 and the Kahramanmaraş facility which began operating in2011.

Ak Gıda, produces for eight other companies outside of the İçim, Halk and Ak trademark brands. The Ak Gıda production facilities operate with the ISO 9001-2000 Quality Certificate, ISO 22000 Food Safety Certificate, ISO 14001 Environmental Management Certificate, TS 18001 Work Health and Safety Management System Certificate, BRC Quality Certificate and the TSE product compliance certificates. At Ak Gıda where 70 qualified employees are on duty, 1 lt of UHT milk goes through 50 different types of analyses before reaching the consumer. Over 200 analysis devices equipped with the latest in technology are used in the Ak Gıda laboratory.


Besler, established completely with Turkish capital, is the only company in Turkey with the largest oil processing capacity with a facility in İstanbul Pendik on a total are of 192,000 m² with 236 employees and in Adana on a total area of 99,000 m² and 101 employees. The current total oil production capacity of this company which gradually moved into refined cooking oil and margarine starting in 1994, is 388,500 ton/year.

For 18 years the company has been producing high quality recognized brands in household margarines (in tubs and in packages), in oils used in pastry making and a variety of margarine and oil products used in industry; producing brands with high user satisfaction to create value.

With expertise that provides customers with a wide portfolio of over 320 products and packaging varieties, the company uses the most advanced technology in the current oil sector to provide any type of oil product with an unchanging good quality and outstanding customer satisfaction.

According to AC Nielsen data for 2008 Besler, which achieved a 35% share of the industrial cooking oils market, 39% of the household margarine market and 14% of the liquid cooking oil market also had export revenue of 33 Million USD.

The company, which is quite sensitive about collecting, treating and utilizing solid and liquid wastes, is also a member of the Environmental Protection Foundation (ÇEVKO). The company has ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 as well as HACCP certificates making it the first food company in the sector to obtain 4 quality system certificates at once.


CCC Gıda was established in April of 2009 with a 50-50% partnership of Yıldız Holding and Danish Gumlink A/S. The gum factory which was established in Çorlu by moving Gumlink's facility in Denmark and Baycan's facility in Avcılar began production in April of 2010. Thus the candy that was being produced in the Avcılar factory belonging to the Baycan and Horizon companies affiliated with Yıldız Holding and the gum products being produced in Çorlu comprised the product portfolio of CCC.

Eventually the Baycan and Horizon companies were taken over by CCC and the candy and gum operations were collected under one roof in the two factories. The Çorlu factory is established on a total area of 110,000 m2 with 28,000 m2 or indoor area.

The Çorlu factory, which has a yearly gum production capacity of 15,000 tons operates under ISO 9001:2008 (Quality Management Systems), ISO 22000 (Food Safety Management Systems), BRC A grade (Global Standard for Food Safety Issue 5 ), IFS Higher level (International Food Standard vs. 5) Quality and Food Safety management system certificates.

CCC Gıda has a facility in İstanbul Avcılar which produces hard and soft candy as well as liquorices. The factory has a yearly production capacity of 26,000 tons.

The candy factory operates with ISO 9001:2008 (Quality Management Systems), ISO 22000 (Food Safety Management Systems), BRC A grade (Global Standard for Food safety Issue 5), IFS Higher level (International Food Standard vs. 5) Quality and Food Safety management system certificates.


Della Gıda, established in 2002 produces cola, fruit flavored and other carbonated drinks. Established on an indoor area of 40,000 m2 Bella Gıda has the capacity to produce 130,000 liters and has 65 product varieties. Some of the brands in the product range of Della Gıda are Cola Turka, Çamlıca Gazoz, Maltana, Oranj, SunnyPortakal, Link Portakal, Mandalina, Limon and Tropik.

The Beverage Group products produced at Della Gıda are exported to the US, Germany, Australia, Azerbaijan, United Arab Emirates, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Algeria, China, Denmark, The Ivory Coast, Palestine, France, Ghana, Georgia, Guinea-Bissau, Iraq, England, Iran, Israel, Switzerland, Cyprus, Kosovo, Kuwait, Lithuania, Malta, Mauritania, Ukraine, Jordan, Senegal, Turkmenistan and Greece.


Established in 1981, Örgen Gıda joined Yıldız Holding in 2002. Örgen Gıda, which focuses on producing quality dried food items that are easily prepared and appealing to the Turkish palate, achieved the modern production facilities it has today in 1994.

The Örgen Gıda facility, which is established on a total area of 46,500 m2 with an indoor area of 16,000 m2, is in the position of being Turkey’s largest powdered food producer. As of 2010, the factory with 380 employees has a yearly production capacity of 45,000 tons.

Örgen Gıda has a product range including everything from ready mix soups to traditional Turkish desserts, from meat seasonings to chicken and meat bullion, from Turkish coffee to three in one instant coffee combinations with 15 brands and 300 different types of products. The company has ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems, TS EN ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System, TS 18001 Work Health and Safety Management System and TS EN ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certificates.


Ülker Bisküvi Sanayi Anonim Şirketi, founded in 1944 by Sabri Ülker in İstanbul continues to be the leading cookie producer in Turkey today whether it is in terms of quality or its market share. In addition to being the leading producer of cookies and crackers in the national market, Ülker Bisküvi is also accepted as an important producer in the international market. Today Ülker Bisküvi products are being exported to the Middle East, Russia and the Central Asian Republics as well as Europe, Africa and the US.

Ülker Bisküvi, which has been moving forward with the main goal of satisfying customers since the day it was established, has taken a place in the memories of every generation since 1944 with “happy moments”. Providing for its customer’s needs and expectations at the highest level, Ülker Bisküvi strives to satisfy consumers and increase such “happy moments”.

The company which used to be known as Ülker Gıda changed its name to Ülker Bisküvi in 2007 to more clearly define the main field of the company’s operations. By merging with Anadolu Gıda in 2004 Ülker Bisküvi was listed on the İMKB (İstanbul Stock Exchange) and grew even larger to bring to life a number of important projects in the name of institutionalization. Ülker Bisküvi, which in the past was the first company in Turkey to use a conveyor belted oven for baking, to establish a hygiene department for healthy production and conduct R&D operations with foreign experts continues in our day to create new value in baking. Ülker Bisküvi which makes use of the other group companies of Yıldız Holding efficiently has a number of cookie production facilities in various cities of Anatolia and manages a dynamic value production process which includes everything from quality flour procurement to oil and packaging supplies in every branch of the food sector.

The common purpose in investments by Ülker Bisküvi, which brings to life all of the investments that have been projected for its strategic development plan every year, can be summarized as reinforcing its leader position in the market, increasing customer satisfaction, improving product quality and contributing to efficiency and productivity to bring the cost basis to a more competitive level.


Ülker Çikolata, the sector leader with its high competence in production and marketing is also the innovative and pioneer company of the Turkish Chocolate market.

Ülker Gıda started modern chocolate production in 1974 and in 1976 invested in 2 production lines with molds in order to produce shaped chocolates and also filled chocolates to introduce to the Turkish market. 1982 a new chocolate factory was established to increase production capacity and variety. Ülker Çikolata Sanayi A.Ş. was established in 1991 and all chocolate production was collected under this company.

Ülker Çikolata took 79th place in the 500 largest Industrial Companies List prepared by the İstanbul Chamber of Industry in 2010. Ülker Çikolata continues to operate in İstanbul Topkapı with three factories that have a 203 thousand ton yearly capacity and 1000 employees. The factories which are located on an area of 26,742 m2 produce in a closed area of 67,745 m2 total.

Ülker, which produces solid chocolate, chocolate covered products, chocolate spread, gift chocolates and powdered cocoa products under the brands of Alpella and Lovells makes over 400 different varieties with some of the most well known brands being Ülker Çikolatalı Gofret, Çokokrem, Metro, Albeni, Çokonat, Dido,Cocostar and Caramio.

Ülker Çikolata has an ISO 9001: Quality Management System, ISO 22000: Food Safety Management System, BRC, OHSAS 18001: Work Health and Safety, ISO 14001: Environmental Management System and TSE certificate and is in the process of obtaining an AIB certificate. Ülker Çikolata Sanayi A.Ş. has the identity of a company that has the infrastructure, knowledge, skill and experience to quickly adapt to the demands and expectations of consumers and the fast development in science and technology. The operations of the company are carried out with a team effort that creates a synergy between the marketing and investments departments and sales companies.

The wide product range of Ülker Çikolata makes it a requirement to have a large and advanced machine-facility park. Almost all of the advanced technology and production processes are managed with automation systems. In addition to production lines, the boxing, transport, packaging and storage systems that provide logistics are also within the automation system.

R&D work holds as significant a position at Ülker Çikolata as the production operations. The work that is done under R&D can be listed as follows: Bringing new projects to life, improving product quality and/or standards, researching new raw materials, processes and technologies and putting them into application; determining raw material and process standards and using them to improve the existing ones; making these improvements while taking into account the Turkish Food Regulation, the European Union Food Regulations, the food regulations of the countries to which products are exported and environmental regulations.