About Us

Yıldız Holding

The leading food and beverages group, dedicated to the satisfaction and happiness of consumers, customers, employees and shareholders...

The organization began in a small factory in Istanbul during the first half of the 20th century and swiftly developed into one of the few manufacturers that are globally-recognized.

Over the course of its challenging and long industrial journey, the organization was transformed from a small factory into an integrated food and beveragess group, with success in the fields of foods and non-foods on a national and global level, and entered the 21st century as a “Star”.

Yıldız Holding‘s foundation was laid on the needs of the community in 1944. Today, the flourishing company has grown to meet the needs of consumers throughout the world.

Yıldız Holding revenues of TL 12.4 billion, in 2012, are proof of its success. The group is not only a respected organization in Turkey, but has gained the admiration of the entire world. With 55 factories, 9 of which are in foreign countries, Yıldız Holding employs a workforce of 36,000 and produces a range of products including biscuits, chocolate, edible oil, dairy products, cullinary products, baby food and packaging materials.

Besides Yıldız Holding’s impressive results and its growth, the group operates on a value system in the 21st century that has not been compromised since its inception in the first half of the 20th century. Yıldız Holding has grown to its current global dimensions because of the values created by its entrepreneurial, adaptable, trustworthy, honest, visionary, innovative, decisive and courageous” spirit.