Wages and Rewards

At Yıldız Holding we use a wage system that is governed with a joint level structure and based on the content of the work. In this system the work is evaluated through a work evaluation method with the purpose of creating a wage policy which is equal, competitive and compatible with the market. When determining the wage structuring application the yearly market wage surveys are also used.

In this context we practice our company’s market and performance based wage policy in a way that supports our company’s strategy and competitive edge. Raises, determined according to the content of the work and the performance of the employee, are implemented once a year.

Rewarding Based on Performance

Our white collar employees are evaluated at the end of the year within the scope of the Goal and Skills Based Performance Management System and are rewarded with a yearly premium in line with this evaluation.

A sales premium system is applied to encourage high performance among our sales staff.

Instant Rewards

In order for our employees, who have made an outstanding achievement within the framework of Ülker’s values and core competency, who have made a distinctive contribution to the company to have their exemplary approach and action taken notice of, commended and rewarded the Instant Reward system has been implemented.

Managers are able to nominate an employee of their choosing and the nomination is conveyed directly to the superior of the concerned employee after which a reward is issued is if deemed suitable after the evaluation.

Social Benefits

A sub-benefits package, which can vary according to the sector dynamics, is implemented in our group companies. Additionally, all of our employees are provided with meals and service buses and periodically gift packages of Yıldız Holding products and shopping gift certificates are also provided.

Working Hours

The weekly hours worked by Yıldız Holding’s white collar staff is 45 hours. The work hours are weekdays (Monday – Friday) 08:30 – 18.30. Our factories may implement shifts according to the production programs.