Eksper Gıda took its place among "The Mosts"

Eksper Gıda, achieved a new success by being 111th  among 60.000 companies thanks to the successful export performance it had realized.

Turkish Exporters Assembly, the roof organization of export in Turkey, assesses 60.000 exporter companies each year since 2002, with respect to many subjects such as capital distribution, domestic sales, profitability, human resources, investment, marketing and capacity use etc. and continues to announce the first 500 and the second 500 companies.

While the competition of the powerful players increases each day in the export sector, which is the gate of our country opening to the world, making a difference and standing out among the competitors in such a challenging environment is perceived as a significant success. As Eksper Gıda, which raises the bar of success gradually and which was awarded 111th rank by Turkish Exporters Assembly, we wish to achieve more successful results together.

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